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Thơ mừng Ngày sinh nhật Bác Hồ 19/5

Happy Birthday Poems on Uncle Ho’s birthday, May 19, brings 16 beautiful poems to celebrate Uncle Ho’s birthday for everyone to freely refer to, there are many new ideas to organize programs to celebrate Uncle’s birthday.

With 16 poems to celebrate Uncle Ho’s birthday such as: Remembering Uncle, Visiting Uncle Ho’s hometown, Following Uncle Ho’s instructions, Returning to visit Uncle Ho’s house, Red lotus honors his father, Uncle Ho reminds him to plant trees, Ho Chi Minh is the most beautiful in his name… for everyone to remember the merits, send gratitude to Uncle. Please refer to the following article of hatienvenicevillas.com.vn:

Collection of poems Happy Birthday Uncle Ho May 19

  • 1. Happy birthday Uncle
  • 2. Remembering Uncle
  • 3. Visiting Uncle’s hometown
  • 4. Vietnam is the most beautiful person named Man
  • 5. Follow Uncle’s Word
  • 6. Uncle’s photo
  • 7. Visiting Uncle’s house
  • 8. Pink lotus to pay homage to my father
  • 9. Uncle Ho reminded to plant trees
  • 10. A bright moon illuminates the world
  • 11. Remembering Dad
  • 12. Uncle’s birthday is coming
  • 13. Ho Chi Minh is the most beautiful in his name
  • 14. Offering people
  • 15. Poems dedicated to Uncle
  • 16. Sunshine

1. Happy birthday Uncle

Why sparkle everywhere?
Nineteen of May…hope to heaven and earth
Leaders love great people
The mighty hero was born
Song full of martial arts to save the country
Escape from mourning, tears fall
The world of the five continents admires
Every place is respectfully grateful to you

Tran Van Huan

2. Remembering Uncle

The one who gives us love
The whole life is pure and not golden
Simple shirt and noble soul
Than bronze statues expose the paths
One heart for the country for the people
People in the world need to remember their father
People are like a galaxy
You shine the light on my heart
Lifetime loyalty to color lipstick
Love the people literally like your own children
Kind and loyal heart
Vow to save the country and sacrifice my life
How beautiful are you “Ho Chi Minh”
The heart of Vietnamese people is forever engraved
The bearer of the sun
The way of the dawn shines with glory
Vietnam flourishes in spring
Stand up and stand side by side with the five continents
Wallet of great saints
The teacher of the world has an extraordinary army
How many generations follow the example?
The whole world misses people…

3. Visiting Uncle’s hometown

Now with my teammates to visit Uncle Ho’s hometown
Still the same old house, still the old way
The persimmon berries are still singing
The body is more burning than ever.
The moon is still hesitant by the window
Illuminate the bamboo mat in childhood
The sound of the hammock swinging without creaking
The whole shuttle was as quiet as a sheet.
I lighted the incense sticks in a daze
Before the ghost, Uncle was silent for an hour
Loving You, three thousand broken berries
A couple of times imprinted in the countryside.
Behold, the sweet pomelo tree is still in bloom
Old bamboo bush with green leaves and bamboo
A small piece of sand with a silhouette
As if just here, he’s come back, over.
I’m just a drop of dew
Please let this garden seep into the ground
Wish to be a blade of grass next to Uncle’s house
To keep green forever.

Pham Duc Nghi

4. Vietnam is the most beautiful person named Man

Today May 19
Happy birthday to Uncle 125 times
Uncle was for the country for the people
Open the page of history like the sun
You are the guiding light
Let the whole nation follow his example
Flowers bloom in the sky in May
The whole country remembers the beloved Father
We remember things
Remember what Uncle taught you to love
Why is the sky the most beautiful?
Every star shines with Uncle Ho’s merits
Uncle’s birthday is coming
We feel the recovery in our hearts again
Remember your advice, taught me
The sound of mountains and rivers goes up strong and rich
Uncle’s words are forever engraved
We remember the year of heaven and earth
Vietnam is the most beautiful person named
Follow Uncle’s words for a prosperous life
Worthy of Uncle Ho’s descendants
Forever remember Uncle Ho Chi Minh

Vu Ngoc Ha

5. Follow Uncle’s Word

Forty years ago Uncle “went away”
The whole country is in pain and tears
Outside the North it rains – it’s goodbye
In the South wind floating – the land is far away.
Five continents, friends see you off together
Four seas of compatriots pay respects to flowers
Miss Uncle Ho – People, Party decided
Follow the will, the country is at peace.
Follow the will of the country of peace
Freedom and independence won the mountain
Exchange the world – the sky is blue again
Global integration – land blooms.
Hunger eradication, poverty reduction Happy people
Eradicating greed, except for those parties that increase their momentum
Forty years even as instructed
Uncle Ho’s testament – the country goes far.

6. Uncle’s photo

My house hangs Uncle Ho’s picture
Above is a bright red flag
Uncle smiles every day
Uncle watched us play in the house
There are some chickens in the yard
There are a few ripe custards in the garden
I listen like Uncle teaches
Baby, don’t play around
Grow vegetables, sweep the kitchen, chase chickens
Seeing an American aircraft reminds me of the bunker
How many things do you worry about in life?
Every day Uncle still smiles at me…

7. Visiting Uncle’s house

Visiting Uncle’s house, Sen village
There are rows of hibiscus that light up a pink fire
There is a white butterfly circling
There is a bunch of ripe yellow guava.
The house when Uncle was in his youth
Tilt the roof for many years in the sun and rain
The bamboo bed is too simple
The hammock is cool on sunny summer afternoons.
Sen village is like every village
The house is mixed with round bamboo rows.
Behold the vermilion red flowers,
Behold the white butterfly fluttering like a dream.

8. Pink lotus to pay homage to my father

Poetry: Tony Bui

Ba Dinh landscape is beautiful with all kinds of flowers
Red flags fly everywhere
The country celebrates the open festival
The river is vibrant in May.

Ten birthdays are grateful to Uncle
Nine meanings to honor our Party’s virtues
Millions of pink lotuses I wish you well
The fragrance of life shines in homage to my father…

9. Uncle Ho reminded to plant trees

Who goes to the shade of the afternoon road
Roll up eight yards of label just to the shoulder.
Intercropping for short to grow long:
Pineapple with longan, banana with oval.
Nursery with rows of rows
New up filling small smooth silk leaves.
Harvest the dry season of rice
Listen again to Uncle Ho’s reminder to plant trees.
Uncle takes care of warm clothes and rice
Taking care of paper and pens for the grandchildren…
The sea and river in Uncle Ho’s heart now
Taking care of wood for storage, building schools.
Uncle took care of the wardrobe to the bed,
Knife in front of you, the road in the future.
Uncle, gray hair point color
Looking up from all sides – counting the tops of green trees.
Uncle advises good girls and good boys
Take care of the original, fresh yellow branches of each tree.
Tomorrow, cut down this wood
Parallel the beautiful door to the couple;
Tall houses stand shoulder-to-shoulder
Fragrant wood grain carved Uncle’s advice.

10. A bright moon illuminates the world

One hundred and twenty-five years of Uncle Ho’s birth
I dedicate a few poems to the rustic person!!!
Uncle has gone far but he is still waiting
Uncle’s words we always remember!!!
Independence and freedom is the breath
A strong and rich country is a predestined relationship with its predecessors!!!
We are walking in the same class
Rebuild a brocade river!!!
The whole nation will forever love and miss Uncle
A bright moon illuminates the world!!!

Ding Bat Tuyen

11. Remembering Dad

I remember the Father that year
Although I have never seen Father’s face
The hero for the country rushed
I lived like an immortal flower.

How many sleepless nights were there during the war?
Constantly awake to count all five soups
Worrying for people to have a healthy life
Forget youth… find peace for the country.

You also have many dreams
About the private life walking with the pink shadow
But why can’t he wait?
When the country was still in flames.

The war is over… His life is more than half
Still alone… taking care of every meal of the people
People who forget their health has faded away
But only know how to take care of the country.

You are an example for us to follow
Even now the country is full of joy
When I remember you, my heart feels sad
Wishing you a peaceful sleep.

Poetry: Thu Ha

12. Uncle’s birthday is coming

On Tuesday, friends, we go to work
In the afternoon we all rejoice
Let’s eat party candy together
May nineteen summer
Lilac blooms bright purple in the summer sun
The sound of cicadas echoes here
Happy birthday Uncle, happy May summer

paint nguyễn

13. Ho Chi Minh is the most beautiful in his name

The soul of the mother earth, the high tower of orientation
Uncle Ho’s heart, TEN majesty
Thousand fresh autumn beautiful and magical
The homeland is united to engrave every home

Uncle’s thought is a brilliant flower
Your mind, SEN blooms with fragrance
Brighten up VIETNAM’s land for miles long
Respect in the North, love in the South

People are suffering, beautiful, honest
Our whole country is the BEST with one heart
Rivers and rivers YES Uncle gets along
Engraved history pages, NAME in thick book

Beloved, Uncle is still alive
Respectful humanity Excited in all areas

Poetry: Viet Cuong

14. Offering people

Never met Vien Nhan
But he left many people surprised
No Medals, No Gold
Only a pair of Slippers overcome a thousand thorns
A long way away from home
How many times have been sentenced to full servitude?
To the soul of the Nation today
Full rice and warm clothes all invaders
Soul for Water for People
Ready to fast all meals every day
Kinder than the Medallion
It’s not ostentatious that it’s good for people
Birthdays do not like fresh flowers
Just wish the young class a happy life
Leaving, He still instructs
Beat the US, beat Wei Hao
At the end of life, people are still peaceful
Ka Ki shirt is still fading in time
Looking forward to the day of unification of North and South
Unfinished trust hastily gone
Simple luggage Ka Ki
With a pair of Spring Tire Sandals, bring them
May the Nation get out of poverty
Glorious to compare with many countries
Uncle is gone now
Simple and simple Uncle is a fairy
Uncle is like a gentle saint
Offering the descendants still in the shadows..!

Nguyen Ngoc Dou

15. Poems dedicated to Uncle

Poetry: Nguyen Ruyen

Worshiping Uncle is an honor
Bring love and pride Human
Vietnam at the beginning of the twentieth century
The wave of the October Revolution has not yet come.

The picture of the water is still in expectation
The man who miraculously finds the new wind to bring back
Calling the streets to urge the villages
So August weaves full of hope.

The whole country surged in thousands of waves
Deeply engulf the enemy’s gun muzzle
Let the golden moon fully shine in Autumn
Throw the murky darkness into the past.

That national flag is red with the Party’s flag
The flying buddha part shines for nine years in a row
Create a glorious Dien Bien victory
Bring pride to my dear, dear Mother.

More challenges to confront the American enemy
21 years of perseverance and perseverance
April comes to the Spring to liberate the Homeland
Echoing the epic song Dai Thang!

Obey Uncle has a deep love
Let’s go a long way together
Deng successfully built a new country
It is rich, strong and steady in innovation momentum.

And walk on the road to Victory
The shimmer reaches the magic level
It’s Uncle Ho, he looks majestic
But gentle and sacred, why bright!

16. Sunshine

Poetry: Artist Lam Binh

The sun shines everywhere
The old father waved us to his way
The era of writing the bronze wall
For thousands of years, Vietnamese land has followed Father with one heart

Building a triumphant country
Keeping a bright mind and moving forward
Even though the waves are tumultuous
The strong lice stretch out like a lotus in the middle of a lake

A life left young water
Name Forever beautiful dear Uncle Ho
Pink lotus blooms early in the afternoon
Uncle’s love is very bright in poetry.

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