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Đố vui ngày Nhà giáo Việt Nam 20/11

TOP 80 quizzes 11/20 about teachers, quizzes about school, quizzes posted wall newspaper 11/20, with answers attached. Thereby, helping you have more new ideas to organize Vietnam Teachers’ Day on November 20.

With 80 fun quizzes on November 20, it also helps you understand more deeply about the meaning and history of Vietnam Teachers’ Day. In addition, you can refer to the opening words, quotes, poems, and short stories to get more ideas for writing a wall paper on November 20. We invite you to follow the article below of hatienvenicevillas.com.vn:

Summary of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day quizzes November 20

  • Quiz about Vietnamese Teachers’ Day
  • Question 11/20
  • Fun quizzes posted on the wall 11/20

Quiz about Vietnamese Teachers’ Day

Question 1

Guess who mentioned the national flag

Me Linh old land is still recorded forever

Bibs and scarves to mend the sky

Giac To lost his soul and left his body?

Answer: Hai Ba Trung

Verse 2

Guess who on Bach Dang Giang

Make the vertical and horizontal spikes shine

Destroy the Southern Han army

The sword of the god of independence resounded in the sky?

Answer: Ngo Quyen

Verse 3

Who is difficult and does not back down

Chi Linh tasted the bitter taste a few times

Ten years of Binh Dinh’s release

Dongguan Citadel, lost his ass of Vuong Thong?

Answer: Le Loi

Verse 4

Guess who goes to Japan, to China

Compose the blood of the leprosy glomerulus

Proudly mobilize Dong Du

Unite with masters across the region?

Answer: Phan Boi Chau

Question 5

Yueyue Village, there is a person

Khai Xuyen’s name, letter and nickname is Hanh Am

Working as a tri-district to quit mandarin

The hidden year of the school teaches the students

Help plot Nguyen Hue Bac Binh

Who knows the name of the prophet?

Answer: Nguyen Thiep

Verse 6

He’s black, he’s white

My brother is thin, his head is pointed

Different but very close

When you leave, when you stay, never leave?

Answer: Board and chalk; paper and pen.

Verse 7

Summer comes as red as lipstick

Go change the smooth green leaves in summer

How many hands spread out?

Like waving to welcome my friend to school?

Answer: Phoenix tree

Verse 8

The ends and tails are equally square

The body is divided into many segments very quickly and evenly

Lovely honest personality

Want to know long and short everything with you?

Answer: Ruler

Verse 9

Plowing in the white fields

Thirst down to drink the water of the deep black well?

Answer: The ink pen

Question 10

There is a bridge with a capacity of 10 tons, which means that if the load exceeds 10 tons, the bridge will collapse. There is a cargo truck, the total tonnage of the truck is 8 tons + 4 tons = 12 tons. So, how can the driver cross this bridge (Do not remove the goods from the car)?

Answer: The driver just passes by, and the car stays

Verse 11

What is the largest commune commune?

Answer: Society

Verse 12

Which calendar is the longest?

Answer: History

Verse 13

In a running race, if you overtake the 2nd person, what place would you be?

Answer: Monday

Verse 14

Imagine you are sitting on a boat on a river full of crocodiles eating meat. In the middle of the stream, your boat has a very big hole. In a few minutes the boat will sink and you are sure to be the meal of these fish. What’s the simplest way to get out of this damn situation?

Answer: Stop imagining

Verse 15

Where did Uncle live for a while?

Being a teacher makes learning fun for children?

Answer: Duc Thanh School – Phan Thiet

Verse 16

Where the sun is fresh and the sea is fresh

Do you teach young people to learn quickly?

Answer: City. Phan Thiet – Binh Thuan Province

Verse 17

Where the citadel is vertical?

According to his father, Uncle overcame difficulties in studying?

Answer: City. Hue

Verse 18.

White skin

Pure white intestines

Friends with students

Love the brush head to the table

Answer: Chalk

Verse 19

My face is square and filled in

My skin is white and it’s beautiful to wear outside

My heart has heaven and earth

There are words of benevolence, there are words of filial piety

Until the gentleman uses it

Then I will open my heart to see.

Answer: The book

Verse 20.

What I measure is red

Brown beak

Bathing in a deep pond

To plow dry fields?

(What is a quiz?)

Answer: The ink pen

Verse 21.

Smooth tree

In the black intestine

Child retreat

Head down?

(What is a quiz?)

Answer: The pencil

Verse 22. Full name of 11/20?

Answer: Charter of Vietnamese Teachers

Verse 23. Song by musician Vu Hoang about teachers (hint to start the song: When the teacher…)

Answer: Chalk Dust Song

Verse 24. Which number represents November 20, according to the movement of teaching well, studying well?

Answer: The number 10

Verse 25. What do you not borrow but return?

Answer: Thank you

Verse 26. Where did Uncle live for a while?

Being a teacher makes learning fun for children?

Answer: Duc Thanh School – City. Phan Thiet

Verse 27. The Council of Ministers (now the Government) has issued Decision No. 167-HDBT to take November 20 every year as Vietnamese Teachers’ Day on which date?

Answer: November 20, 1982

Verse 28. On what day, month, and year did Uncle Ho send his last letter to the education sector?

Answer: October 15, 1968

Fun quizzes posted on the wall 11/20

Question 1

There was a tiger tied on a tree, the rope tied to the tiger was 10m, in front of the tiger was a meadow from the tree to there about 13m but the tiger was very hungry and asked how did the tiger get to that grassland?

Answer: Tigers are hungry, why do they come to the grasslands, tigers don’t eat grass

Verse 2

There are 2 Yellow cats and Black cats, the Yellow cat left the Black cat with the Brown cat, 13 years later the Yellow cat returned to the Black cat and asked what he said first?

Answer: Meow meow

Verse 3

There is a train going south. Northwest wind. So which direction will the smoke from the ship go?

Answer: Tram has no smoke

Verse 4

If you see a bird perched on a tree branch, how do you remove the branch without disturbing the bird?

Answer: Wait for the bird to fly away.

Question 5

What do you not borrow but return?

Answer: Thank you

Verse 6

Parents have six sons, each son has a sister. How many people are there in that family?

Answer: 9 people including parents

Verse 7

Can you name three consecutive days without the names Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday?

Answer: Yesterday, today, tomorrow

Verse 8

A sick child that every doctor sees has to give up? Ask what disease the child has?

Answer: Broken arm

Verse 9

What flowers can eat, talk, sing…?

Answer: Miss

Question 10. Person A and person B both jump into the water (full body). Why does person A get his hair wet but person B doesn’t?

Answer: Person B has no hair

Verse 11. What tree has one leaf?

Answer: Flag tree

Verse 12. Which pants are the widest?

Answer: Islands

Verse 13. The more you win, the more you lose?

Answer: Bicycle racing

Verse 14. What animal beats alive, if it doesn’t beat it dies?

Answer: Heart

Verse 15. The zoo is on fire, which one runs first?

Answer: Humans

Verse 16. Three years of sunshine, we have never left you. What?

Answer: The shadow

Verse 17. What is equal to the swing, the area down to the pond. Digging not see, and take such be?

Answer: the moon

Verse 18. The green house is on the right, the red house is on the left. Where is the White House?

Answer: In the US

Verse 19. What is green and white, but green, grows beans, grows onions, and then releases pigs?

Answer: Banh Chung

Verse 20. What bridge can run?

Answer: Player

Verse 21. What is an elderly person still in school called?

Answer: Doctor

Verse 22.How many C’s are there in the following sentence: ‘Rice, soup, porridge, whatever I like to eat!’

Answer: 1 word

Verse 23. First is obedient, Second is knowledge; What can teach us to be human?

Answer: School roof

Verse 24. What word 100% Vietnamese people pronounce wrong?

Wrong answer

Question 25. Which word in Vietnamese has 9 letters ‘H’?

Answer: Main

Verse 26. Two heads grow on two legs

The leg is really a new body

A piece of pencil please

Borrow your pen for the common good?

(What is a quiz?)

Answer: The Compa

Verse 27. Her face is like plaster

There’s still chalk points for people to look at

Woman to man

See her satisfied, wipe her face?

(What is a quiz?)

Answer: The board

Verse 28. I’m pregnant, my lips are cracked

Only one eye, forever in the cave?

(What is a quiz?)

Answer: Pen

Verse 29. What ghost scares students the most?

Answer: Matrix, friction.

Verse 30. A student went to school when he met a blind stork. Ask why to run back?

Answer: Stork is blind = Stork can’t see; Stork does not see = Teacher does not.

Verse 31. Crossroads, shortcuts on all sides

Who is not familiar with the way to go and see?

(What is a quiz?)

Answer: The map.

Verse 32. Present without a head

Four legs are enough, no arms needed

Bad students, good people

Everyone has to miss you every day?

(What is a quiz?)

Answer: The desk.

Verse 33. Go to school and go to school

When he came back, he stooped and carried him back?

(What is a quiz?)

Answer: The briefcase.

Verse 34. Fits a knuckle

Day over and over, losing shape?

(What is a quiz?)

Answer: Eraser.

Verse 35. My mother is fat and has a round nape

Mother is talented thanks to thousands of wonderful children

People who want to understand my mother

Known for a lifetime but easy to understand?

(What’s that?)

Answer: Dictionary.

Question 11/20

Question 1: Vo Truong Toan is a journalist or a teacher?

a. Journalist
b. Teachers

Answer: b

Verse 2: What is the nickname of teacher Vo Truong Toan?

a. Thien Duc
b. Chong Duc
c. Dai Duc

Answer: b

Verse 3: ” . . . It’s better to keep the house religion

It is better to have the eyes of a father who does not worship. . .” is the saying of which of the following teachers?

a. To Huu
b. Ho Chi Minh
c. Nguyen Dinh Chieu
d. Phan Van Tri

Answer: c

Question 4: Every year on December 13th, which teacher do we remember?

a. Phan Ngoc Hien
b. Le Quy Don
c. Mai Khac Don

Answer: a

Question 5: In 1975, which teacher was the director of the Institute of Social Sciences in the South?

a. Hoang Minh Giam
b. Tran Hau Toan
c. Chau Van Liem
d. Ca Van Thinh

Answer: d

Verse 6: “…how many ships do you carry?

These guys crashed pen space such evil. . .”. These two verses of:

a. Nguyen Tat Thanh
b. Nguyen Dinh Chieu
c. Vo Truong Toan
d. Chu Van An

Answer: b

Verse 7: The current Head of Mo Cay Education Department is:

a. Mr. Nguyen Hiep Quoc
b. Mr. Nguyen Van Chi
c. Mr. Bui Van Do
d. Mr. Nguyen Trung Nghiep

Answer: b

Verse 8: In which year was the celebration of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day first held in our country?

a. November 20, 1958
b. November 20, 1975
c. November 20, 1981
d. November 20, 1982

=> Answer: a

Verse 9: Before leaving to find a way to save the country, where did Uncle Ho teach?

a. Hanoi
b. Hue
c. Phan Thiet
d. Saigon

=> Answer: c

Question 10: Who is the current Minister of Education and Training in our country?

a. Nguyen Minh Hien
b. Tran Hong Quan
c. Pham Minh Hac
d. Nguyen Thien Nhan

=> Answer: d

Question 11: The Council of Ministers signed a decision to mark November 20 every year as the anniversary of Vietnam Teachers’ Day, which year?

a. November 20, 1958
b. November 20, 1975
c. November 20, 1981
d. November 20, 1982

=> Answer: d

Verse 12: Full name of the current principal of Dong Khoi Secondary School is:

a. Le Van Dinh
b. Nguyen van dinh
c. Le Van Binh
d. Nguyen Van Binh

=> Answer: a

Verse 13: Teacher Nguyen Tat Thanh had a time to open a school to teach and work as a drug dealer, now in the commune:

a. Dinh Thuy – Plow Mine
b. Tan Thanh Binh – Mo Cay
c. Minh Duc – Mo Cay
d. Tan Phu Tay – Mo Cay

=> Answer: c

Verse 14: In the 2006-2007 school year, how many classes are there in Dong Khoi Secondary School, and how many members does the Lien Doi Executive Committee have?

a. 18 BCH classes with 9 members
b. 18 BCH classes with 7 members
c. 19 BCH classes with 7 members

=> Answer: a

Verse 15: Where was Nguyen Dinh Chieu born and raised?

a. Hue
b. Gia Dinh
c. Ben tre
d. Can Tho

=> Answer: c

Verse 16: The activity theme of November 2006 is:

a. Happy Teacher’s Day Vietnam
b. Celebrating 25 years of Vietnamese Teachers’ Day
c. Happy teacher’s day
d. The 25th anniversary of the great teacher’s day

=> Answer: c

Verse 17: How many principals and vice principals does Dong Khoi Secondary School currently have?

a. 1 principal, 1 vice principal
b. 1 principal, 2 vice principals
c. 1 principal, 3 vice principals
d. 2 principals, 2 vice principals

=> Answer: a

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